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Coastline ROP Foundation

The Coastline ROP Foundation was founded in 2021 to benefit the educational programs of Coastline ROP. Specifically, the Foundation solicits donations and grant funding to support the annual Coastline ROP Student Showcase, honoring our distinguished students. 

All contributions are tax-deductible as the Coastline ROP Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization (Federal Tax ID 87-1427573).

Donations are accepted via mail, walk-in, or Venmo. 

Interested in donating to Coastline ROP via Venmo?

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Career Preparation

Coastline ROP offers courses and programs that are designed to help individuals prepare for specific careers. By enrolling in these courses, students can gain valuable skills and knowledge that will help them succeed in their chosen profession.

Hands-On Learning

Many courses at Coastline ROP offer hands-on learning opportunities, which allow students to practice the skills they are learning in a real-world setting. This type of learning can be especially valuable for individuals who prefer to learn by doing.

Experienced Instructors

Coastline ROP instructors are highly qualified and have extensive experience in their respective fields. They are dedicated to helping students achieve their goals and are available to provide guidance and support throughout the learning process.

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